Beach flowers along the Fairhaven coast.
Beach flowers along the Fairhaven coast. Full res version available for a limited time!

The story behind the photo: Took a ride down to the southern shores as sunset was nearing because I was itching to get some new material, and we had an invite to the area. As the sun was setting I found this patch among the shells and beach roses of these little vibrant yellow flowers that I had never seen before, anywhere. I don’t know what they are (come to find out, they are some kind of poppy) but I thought the foreground of them along with the setting sun might make a nice photo. I’m rather pleased with the way it turned out.

Last night’s movie watch was the Grease Sing-along, along with some recorded 20/20 and Dateline. Everyone around the neighborhood has been busy working on their homes, ourselves included, whether it be gardening as in our case, or more substantial improvements, by the neighbors. Finally finished reading The Power Broker, the story of Robert Moses of New York. (Here’s a great review by someone on Goodreads that’ll give you an idea of the scope of the thing). How could I have not ever heard of this guy before with all he had been involved in in NYC? It took me seeing Motherless Brooklyn with a character based on him played by Alec Baldwin to bring him to my attention. (I want to re watch the movie now knowing what I know after reading this tome of a book – over 1000 pages and winner of a Pulitzer Prize!)

Grilled some scallops and zucchinis on the grill tonight – delish! – while watching the fire pit burn the log away – very relaxing I must say.