All Around No.2

Looking out into Buzzards Bay

I bit the bullet and went to the barbershop this morning. My hair was getting to be a bit too much even for me. The process itself is pretty painless. They had a signup sheet out front where you give your name and number (to call you when you can come in and probably for contact tracing should the need occur). I didn’t have to wait though since I intentionally went early and it wasn’t busy. You have to wear a mask of course as do the barbers. There can only be so many people in the shop at any one time and every other chair remains empty to provide for the proper spacing. You can only get a cut, no shaves. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. I needed it bad – feel much better now with the short haircut. For the record, I always get a real basic cut – the “all-around No, 2”, as I like to call it.