Be Like Water…


Today ended up being a pretty fun day. Once again got to hang down at the friends beach house and we all went into Buzzards Bay and enjoyed being in the water. I was a little averse at first but LD convinced me and I’m glad she did! We must have been in there for an hour and a half! Plus it was just the three of us – we had the beach to ourselves. That is living! I also had the foresight to bring my binoculars this time and got some birding in as well. I saw an osprey hover and dive a few times into the water hoping to get a fish, but it kept coming up empty mouthed, We never expect to be there more than a couple of hours, but the end of it all it’s been over 6 hours! Really grateful for the invitation to hang out there always.

Coming home, we heard that the basement might be flooded due to torrential rainstorms. Not good, as we were told the street was flooded. Luckily the neighbor helped clear the storm drains which saved us. The basement was dry. Sun room got a little wet though because we had left the windows open, but things could have been a whole lot worse than it was. Lucked out! Saw on the news the hospital flooded!

In other news I get the feeling like I’m at a weird time in my life right now, not sure what’s right, what path should I follow. Afraid of different things and have moments where I lack confidence in myself. It’s hard to have to start over again. Suppose it’s natural to a degree. It’ll all work out in time, least that’s what I tell myself.