Wait for the Right Moment

Rock Harbor, Chatham, MA

Don’t be the sand in my shoe, when you can be the love in my heart.

The story behind the photo: Another sunset night at Rock Harbor, probably one of my favorite places on the Cape. This particular moment was low tide and as you can see, it’s pretty flat out there, you’ll be walking out there for quite a ways before you’ll get to some deeper water. You can see some interesting colored sunsets there depending on the weather conditions. On this particular evening, there was a somewhat purple tint and not a cloud in the sky.

More later…

One thought on “Wait for the Right Moment

  1. Judy Blair says:

    Be still my ❤….my old stomping grounds..
    ROCK Harbour..my Dad many moons ago had a fishing ⛵..that I was his first mate on best summer job I EVERAH had..The Roccus… Thanks for the memories…✌

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