Hero Worship

Got a fun TBT for you all tonight. Here is an article of my grandfather when he was young and the star of the East Cambridge Lucy Recs (Lusitania club). A “popular idol!” I miss you Grandpa!

He was quite the star back in day I’m told. If he was playing nowadays he’d be making big money as a professional, but back in those days there wasn’t any money in it and they just played for the sport of it and for their heritage. They didn’t have pads in those days either – I remember looking at his legs and they were all banged up from years of playing and getting kicked in the shins. This game must have been from the mid-1930s sometime. I wonder if they won the championship that year (probably not). I tried googling it but haven’t found it thus far. I just love the writing in this article – it has a certain kind of flair to me.