Checkerboard of Nights and Days…

A checkerboard design on a street in Downtown Boston.
A checkerboard design on a street in Downtown Boston.

Around 10 am every morning or so the hummingbird comes around and probes all the flowers on the deck. I wonder if maybe I should try to be out there around that time to see if I could get a good photo of her. I believe it is a female since I don;t see the red throat markings that the male has.

Yesterday I put together a three tiered metal cart which came out rather cute and LD will use for her various papers and notes.

I finally ordered a new camping beach chair. Took me a while to select one that I think would last and had a lot of options (for a beach chair anyway). The one I chose has extra pockets for storage including one in the headrest which I’d never heard of before but liked the option (you can also put a small pillow in it for support if desired). It also has a small cooler in an armrest to keep cans cool. The other armrest has a cup holder as well. It also has lumbar support which a lot of these chairs don’t have although I probably won’t use that much. It should arrive in a couple of weeks and then I can throw out my beloved-but-now-has-seen-better-days “big boy” beach chair.

Tonight’s movie watch was Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg. It’s hilarious! Super funny! While watching it we were eating dinner that we made, a dish called Salmon Limone, with couscous, italian herbs, and a zucchini ribbon salad – basically ribbons and diced tomato with some scallion greens.