Visiting the Borderlands

Smith Farm at Boirderland

This afternoon we took a drive out to the Borderlands. Borderland State Park to be more exact. As an aside, parts of Mermaids, Knives Out and Shutter Island were filmed here. We hiked a couple of the trails, first checking out the stately Ames Manor on the property and then walking down the trails toward the pond. I went a little beyond over to the old farm house built in 1880. Coming back we took the Quiet Woods Trail which lead to the Pond Edge trail bordered along the edge of the pond. We even saw a guy playing guitar by himself on one of the little docks along the pond. Returning home (we are beat!) I fired up the grill and cooked up some turkey burgers along with some corn husks. Just felt like it. Might take a trip to a beach tomorrow for some more nature goodness,