Walking the Grounds of an Abandoned Mental Asylum on Halloween

Building 4 at abandoned Medfield State Hospital, the Men’s Workshop in 1896

Started out the day going for a drive out in the country to get some scenic snow shots, which we did and I’ll share in a bit. We also hit a place called Choate Pond and got some scenic fall shots there as well. Since we weren’t too far LD decided that we should check out the Medfield State Hospital. Did you know it’s the only abandoned psychiatric hospital where you can still walk the grounds? You can’t enter any of the buildings as they are unsafe from disuse but walking around the property is permitted and the grounds are beautiful. Medfield State Hospital claimed to be the first mental health hospital to be built on the “cottage plan” with individual buildings to allow for better light ventilation, easier classification, and to create a more homelike environment. Really state of the art thinking for the time. I said a prayer while I was there for the folks who spent their lives there.