The Little Things to Lift a Depression

Started using this “Happy Light” lamp that LD bought to help with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hard to tell but I think it might actually be working – especially on these downcast morning cloudy days.

I think we’re sick of turkey now, pretty much made everything you could with it over the past few days: turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey enchiladas, yadda yadda yadda. The garlic clove I planted is growing like wildfire – guess the little thing likes it’s new digs, got three leave sprouts shooting skyward. It resides on a windowsill by my computer along with his buddy, the aloe plant (also doing well), and some rocks and shells we’ve collected from our beach outings this year.

Today was also the day for putting up and out all the holiday decorations. I got the lighted automated reindeers all set up on the front lawn and we also adorned the two spruces out front with some colored lights. I hung the lighted wreath up on the front door and we then worked together to put up the xmas tree and get the lights around that. Tring to get all the timers to be set to the proper times. Added add all the ornaments later in the evening. I placed one ornament on the real baby pine tree that we are growing outside in the back. I think this is the earliest we ever put everything up!