The Heist

So here’s my story for yesterday. I was at the bank in the drive thru window waiting to make a transaction. I put my materials into the tube and sent it on it’s way as I was patiently waiting for the teller to process it. After about a minute, the teller sends it back and says “Sorry Sir, we’re closed” and pulls down all the shades. I’m like, what? It’s around 11 am – why would they close immediately at this time? So, I said oh well, I’ll come back another time and left. Well, come to find out, as I was waiting, apparently a robbery was occurring inside just at that moment. Sounds like the person got away on foot and they’re still looking for them. Not sure how much the person got away with or how they could just disappear on foot like that, but that’s the story. I did seem to notice of a lot of police cruising the area now that I think about it, they were probably looking for the individual. Anyways, good thing I was at the drive-thru instead of inside!

I stopped making New Years’ Resolutions a while ago as I never seem to keep to them after a few weeks but this time I think I’m going to try one and it is to be more generous and to try to just be a better person. That’s my goal moving forward.