Hearts on a Good Beach Day

Love on the beach.

Spent part of the morning taking a walk on the beach as today was a rather nice day. I even found another heart shaped rock. We took a picture of it along with some beach calligraphy that the Ladydoc was kind enough to create and rejuvenate our souls. Nothing like some great beach air and sights to get a walk in. Get sick of walking around the block sometimes. Anyways maybe finding these things are good signs for the future, right? Got to keep the faith. Think I was able to get some pretty good photos, the lighting seemed pretty good. I’ll see as I go through them later in the week.

Spent the latter part of the afternoon rearranging the sitting room as it’s becoming a makeshift work from home office for LD during these winter months when using the sun room isn’t really feasible. Also finally took down the xmas tree which really opened up the room quite a bit. It looks so much bigger to me now and open. I’d say a it’s a good change of pace.