Roses of Sharon Dancing in the Sea Breezes

Roses of Sharon dance among the coastal sea breezes off of Buzzards Bay.

What will today’s adventures be? What is the story behind this photo? Are Roses of Sharon are a Portuguese family thing, and why would I think that? What is the latest update on the baby bunnies being born in the flowerpot, and what about that hawk keeps coming around?

Well, it was a pretty quiet day actually. This photo was taken down in Fairhaven and a friend’s beach house where they have a lot of Rose of Sharon growing. Growing up my family always had Roses of Sharon. Maybe it’s a Portuguese thing because every Portuguese family I’ve ever visited, including my own, had some.

Haven’t seen the baby bunnies and I’m leery to remove the top covering to see if they’re in there. I think they still are. I did have to chase a hawk away that was hanging on a branch in the yard. Don’t want him getting any ideas.

Did get caught up on some shows last night, the SVU crossover, 20/20 dealing with the Menendez Bros on TikTok of all things, and some other shows.