Things I Did on This Years Earth Day

Rough seas in Salisbury/Amesbury last week.

Things I planned on getting done today, cleaning the Keurig because it’s been way too long, getting together the parts for the butterfly house I plan on building, and getting to watching that documentary and heading down to Lowe’s later to get my free tree sapling.

Decided to clean the coffee maker on Saturday morning, so that’s on hold for now. I ordered the parts for the butterfly housing I plan on building. Lowe’s: went done after 5 pm and picked up my tree sapling. Looks to be some kind of pine tree. I’ll have LD decide where to plant it somewhere tomorrow sometime. We already have a nice pine tree growing but this new one is just a baby.

I finished watching the Last Lightkeepers documentary. It’s pretty good. A lot of the lighthouses are beautifully shot at sunrise and sunset, really majestic sights. I recommended it if you have any interest in New England Lighthouses. I knew some of the stories already having visited many of them and read about them. In fact, now I want to reread my books on lighthouses!