Meeting the Team

Went down to HQ for my first meeting with the team of my new job. I think I’m going to like working with these folks. Got some more details and training and we watched a orientation video. I spent a bunch of extra time down there after the meeting was over just and meet and greet the folks. I want to get my face and name out there and network with the group, etc. Let them know that I’m a team player and thankful for the opportunity. It’s going to be a lot different than the corporate world crap I did for the last 30 years but I’m ready to try something new and different. Plus who knows, it could lead to other more lucrative opportunities. Lots of folks have done that I have learned. I’m not saying I’d never go back to the corporate world but for now I’ve no desire to do the typical nine to five, dog-eat-dog, anymore. Plus I’ll have a lot of room in my schedule for other things that I’m still working on, including my photography side hustle business.

Rango and I

The above picture came through in my “memories” today so I figured I’d share it here. The goat was named Rango. Sadly, he passed away of a heart attack earlier in the year. He loved to be brushed and was quite a character. Very soulful eyes, and would always bump the other goats out of the way so that he could be continued to be brushed.

Rather rainy, drizzly day today, although feels quite humid. Makes me want to take a nap.