Today’s Entry is _________

I finally got up enough motivation to dig the light-up reindeers and holiday trees from the basement and set them up in front of the house. One of the deers is being retired because he just doesn’t work anymore and this may be the last year for these other three. They’ve served well throughout the years but time and the elements have really taken it’s toll on them. Maybe next year we’ll get a new herd. We’ll probably need to rearrange their placement as I just got them out there and wanted to test to see how they perform.

I’ve also started watching reruns of the gameshow Match Game from the 1970s. What’s old is new again. I find it funny to watch because some of the things they do would be considered inappropriate by today’s standards, like the women contestants getting hugged and having to kiss a celebrity that helped them win. Still overall, I find it to be a rather enjoyable show. Guess it was quite the hit back in the day. As an aside I read that the MC is actually buried up in Gloucester MA of all places.

I changed the layout of the site a little bit, which you may have noticed. Will it stay? We’ll see.

This Elfland place that is making a buzz is not too far from my mom’s house. I drove by it last week in fact – it’s basically an empty lot where a gas station once was. (As a side note, we knew the owner of the station, he also owned a car repair place in Malden. He’s since passed but he always reminded me of a grumpy Santa). All that’s been removed and I assume another condo development will be going there, In the meantime some kid decided to place little buildings around the lot and little by little it’s growing by other folks adding to it. There’s even a movement to defend elfland but I’m pretty sure the developers are going to win this one as they would probably generate a lot more revenue. Maybe I’ll take a photo of it when I visit next week sometime.

Finally, I got my booster shot scheduled in about a week and a half. Might as well just get it over with and be protected. However, is this stuff ever going to end?