Off to the Prelude!

Keep checking back to see updates from this weekend’s Prelude adventure!

12.04.21 10:12 AM Update: Here’s a quick picture of the main room in the Airbnb location that we’re staying in in Arundel, Maine. The location is pretty much off the grid (but not too far). Strangely there’s no microwave or television but the WIFI is pretty good. Pretty nice sunrise views here too but since it’s a pretty farm-like rural area there’s lots of old tractors and machinery around which I feel obstructs the view otherwise. Also, the water here is well water so you can only drink it if it’s been filtered and it tends to smell like sulfur. Like I said, a little off the grid. The owners here apparently do a lot of social work with the Wabanaki so I sense a Native American motif throughout the unit, whether it be sculpture, art on the wall, or the rugs on the floor.

Never mind my crap on the floor.