Finally Made the Big Time

Finally made something onto! You can click the image above to see it as well as some other images from other photographers.

I put in my Powerball and Mass Millions tickets. I don’t usually play but when the pot is that high, you have to at least put one in just on the off chance. I’d be more satisfied with the lesser prizes actually.

My knee is still bugging me, definitely think it’s due to the current weather. I rested it a bunch last night and it does feel better, so… progress.

The rest of the day was quite productive. We picked up a free bookcase that someone on a group was giving away, as well as getting supplies and groceries from Target and Wegmans. We needed to rearrange some of the furniture to make room for the new bookcase but it was needed as there’s many books here that needed to be stored properly. We also watched the movie Gotti on Tubi but it is pretty awful.