A Visit to Boston in the Snow

General Washington in the snow, Boston Public Garden

Oh what a joy waking up to snow falling this morning. Not. At least it looks to be not more than a light coating to maybe an inch. I’ve noticed that the metatarsal in my right foot appears to be hurting me when I put weight on it when I first walk around for a bit. I think I pulled a ligament around there the other day. Joys of aging. It seems to only be most pronounced in the morning when I first get up, after walking around for a bit it’s ok, until I accidently pull the muscle there again and reaggravate it. But enough of my little ailments, not as bad as learning that my sister seems to have some kind of heart racing and high blood pressure issue which is finally starting to get treated. All things considered, this year hasn’t started off too great with various issues around friends and family but I suppose things could be a lot worse and hopefully as spring nears things will improve. and speaking of spring, the other day I saw my first robin of year which I always take as a sign that the warmer weather is just around the corner and I see as a first sign of spring. Yeah, I know that some of these robins stay through the whole year but don’t burst my bubble! When I see that first robin, I take it as spring is getting close.

Later in the day LD had to get some stuff in Beantown so I went along with. Afterwards she cajoled me in to maybe trying to get some pictures while we were in the area, and of course she is always right. So here’s one from today. I took a couple from the Common and the Public Garden which I may add later on as the days go by. Boston is pretty in this kind of light snow blanketing the trees and such. After eating lunch at a local Panera to go, and putting away some groceries, we settled in to watch the Puppy Bowl (neither one of us cares about football).