The Heart that’s Meant to Love You

Roses for you

I used to hate Valentines Day or least be ambivalent towards it. I was never one of the “beautiful people”. I was somewhat of a nerd growing up. Some might say that I am still (being nerdy is in now of course, I missed that window by about 20 years). I was like Charlie Brown in that I would never get a valentine from anyone unless it was that thing you used to do as a kid in elementary school, but that wasn’t real. It took a while, but somewhere along the way, after much time, a couple of failed relationships, and a lot of just learning to love myself and maturing, that Valentines Day became something I could enjoy. It was all about finally finding that right person, and it took a long time, but like the say, the wait really is worth it. When you find someone that “just fits” it’s pretty incredible. Is it always perfection and sunshine? Of course not. But when it’s right, you learn to work with it, compromise at times, and maybe better yourself and your partner in your thoughts , views and feelings. Someone who thinks more or less the same way that you do, but in a healthy, conductive and sharable way. At least that’s what I believed happened in my particular case. Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you. So whether you like this holiday or not, whether you’re in a healthy relationship or single, just remember your own worth and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We all want to be loved, we all want that connection. It is out there but like the cliché says, it only reveals itself when you aren’t really looking. The truth is, it’s been inside yourself all along. And once you can find it within yourself, then the person looking for the same will find you. I’m living proof.