A Productive 2-22-22

Got a lot of things done yesterday. First, waking up to the fog that lie about was wild in and of itself but I was off to Earth-1 to take care of some business, first and foremost getting an oil change for my baby. I like to go to this place across from Trum Field, they are truly the best. It’s important to find a mechanic shop that you can trust and these guys have never steered me wrong. Also, they are super fast, I was in and out of there in practically no time, an advantage of showing up early in the day for sure. Then it was off to some of the usual errands that I do when I’m orbiting Earth-1. The government issued Covid tests also showed up in the mailbox today instead of by the end of the week as originally predicted. They came in a rather nondescript folded envelope which was a bit strange. I also had to take one of mom’s cats down to the vet to get his nails cut, it just being too difficult to do it herself. When everything was said and done I had spent most of the day there, coming back in the early evening.