Today’s Moment of Zen

Creating Zen on the beach this morning.

With today having a temperature in the high 60s one would have to take a quick trip to doing something outside, and for me it was a visit to the beach. While there, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the crashing waves, I went ahead and created this zen stone structure by the water and snapped a picture of it, creating my own moment of zen for today. Because stone stacks are built using unaltered stones, they require your full attention on the task of the present moment to find the perfect connection of the stone’s center of gravity to its foundation to balance the next layer. And let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy! The process is meditative; even the simple act of choosing the stones heightens mindfulness, which is what I was after. Hard to believe we’ll be getting up to 9″ inches of snow in a couple of days – the teasing of the nice weather is really getting cruel!

In the afternoon I made a mean spaghetti squash in the Instant Pot, if I do so say myself, plus using that tool makes cooking it up so easy and fast. We were going to eat it tonight after assembling it into a bake but then I decided to try my hand at cooking up some shrimp fried rice with snow peas and carrots, a recipe I had done before, so we’ll have the bake sometime tomorrow. I also noticed it starting to get colder and windier outside so I shut all the windows that were open and the back patio doors, no doubt to Carson’s chagrin. It was great while it lasted but it looks like it back to typical February New England weather…unfortunately.