Unsettling Scenes Down the Street

I witnessed something really strange this morning. As I was going about my morning routine I noticed a woman run across the street and then a man chased behind and tackled her to the ground in someone’s front lawn from across the street where she was running. They both fell to the ground and then it seemed to me like the guy might have been yelling at her. At first I thought it might be a domestic thing and was going to phone it in to the station but then they got up and started walking away down the street away from me, the guy clearly in control of her. Then I thought maybe it was a drug thing, like maybe the woman was tripping or something. It was too far down the street from me to really tell what was going on. I saw a car or two stop down there, perhaps the drivers trying to assess the situation. Anyways, I saw a cruiser then drive around down there so I figured that they would take care of it. A few minutes later the same cruiser drove by me and I didn’t see anything so I guess maybe it was much ado about nothing. Still, it was a little unnerving to me.