Pressure Washing the Deck for a Good Friday

I awoke this morning to find the strap buckle on my fitness tracker/smartwatch had broken off, so I had to get some new ones from Amazon. It’s quite irritating. I acquired a six-pack from somewhere on there and I’m hoping they’ll work out. They’re due to arrive sometime tomorrow.

This morning I assembled the new pressure washer and got to work on power washing the back deck. I decided to get a new hose specifically for this device so I also took a quick run down to Home Depot to get one. First hosing down with the detergent and then blasting away to rinse it all. The flooring, the posts, the white trellises and all. It took a couple of hours but I got to say it does look really clean and nice and new. It had been a few years since we really cleaned it so it was totally due to be done. The weather was totally awesome for it today to, high 60s, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. There was a breeze every now and then which would blow some of the spray back over me but it felt pretty good.

For lunch LD treated to Capt. Marden’s Seafood from their food truck through the web, since it’s Good Friday and all, no meat you know! Then we went and did a few errands and some billing and stuff. It’s just before 6 pm now and I’m pretty fried. Probably just going to order a pizza, watch some television and rest my knee and back and crash on my heating pad. All in all it was a good Friday.