May the (Water) Fourth Be With Us

Raindrops on window pane.
This kind of a day.

Yesterday I had to head over to Earth-1 for a few things including a haircut this morning but when I came back the water main guys were knocking on doors in the neighborhood in order to get into the houses to hook up the connections to the temporary water supply. After some fumbling about they finally got it hooked up but they needed to come back today because for some reason the water pressure to the kitchen sink on cold just isn’t working right, although the hot does, as well as every other sink in the house. Strange.

They came back this morning and after a bunch of finagling they finally got it working, although they did leave a little bit of a mess which I was not really appreciative of, but it looks all good now. It’s sort of fascinating how they hook up the temporary water. I guess for most places they hook it up to an outdoor spigot (essentially where we put the hose) and they reverse the water course so it comes in the the spigot. They tried that here but for whatever reason they couldn’t (front and back they tried) so they had to snake a hose through a basement window and connect directly to the pipe in the cellar.

Currently watching: Pieces of Her on Netflix. Only one episode in so far but man, is it kinda creepy and some really disturbing parts. Viewer beware. Also, the Depp vs. Heard trial, bits and pieces here and there when I have time, on my phone.