Wanting To Be On The Roadshow

Old as time itself. Image Available for purchase.

Sunset is the only therapy I need. There is something magical about it, it makes you feel things. And with every new sunset that feeling is always different. And the beutiful thing is that no matter what you feel, as long as you feel, you are living and that is all that matters.”

– Tadas Petrovas

I entered a contest to win tickets to a future Antiques Roadshow recording that would take place during the summer. Despite the fact that the event is free, you must have a ticket to enter, and you must win it in a random lottery. So I thought, “What the hell?” Although I’m not what I would call an avid antiques follower I can appreciate the time and work that goes into a lot of the products that were created back then and in a certain way. I find it appealing in part because it evokes memories of the past. Every object has a backstory, whether it’s a wooden cabinet, a beautiful painting, silver jewelry, or an antique watch. They stand for the quality of craftsmanship from a bygone era that will never be seen again. I’m a history buff at heart.

I’ve noticed the sun sets are really starting to get later and later, mostly because the lights I’ve had timers on light up now while there is still sunlight out, which I’m liking, whereas before it was dark. Liking it!