A Day in the Life of Carson


Carson “the kitty” is a typical house cat who spends his day lazing around and entertaining his human family. But, even a typical day for a cat like Carson is full of interesting moments and surprises. Carson starts his day early, as soon as the sun rises, usually after a night of his snoring. Like all cats, he is a creature of habits and has his own routine. He stretches his legs, yawns (a lot, I once counted 12 in a row at one time) and looks for his first meal of the day, his crunchies. Unlike other cats he likes to “paw” them out of the bowl before eating them. He does that with his water fountain too.

He wanders around the house until he finds his string toys, which are littered all around the house. After breakfast, Carson takes a stroll checking out everything and anything that’s new or interesting or out of place. He watches birds from the window ledge and his cat trees and takes the occasional nap in a sunny spot. Carson’s human family is busy getting ready to leave the house for the day, so he will spend some time trying to snuggle up in his favorite places in a sunny spot, although he doesn’t really like to be left alone. He overheard his daddy once call it something like separation anxiety. As the day progresses, Carson loses himself in his thoughts and daydreams. He imagines himself chasing mice, and playing with his human guardians. He dozes off and wakes up a while later to stretch his paws and flex his claws on his scratching post. In the afternoon, Carson likes to play a little with his humans. They toss him a toy and he paws at it with glee. He is especially enamored with a catnip laced cloth ice cream cone and his Dr. Pussums pillows, which his momma thoughtfully purchased on getaway trips up north.

He also loves a brushing and purrs contentedly as his humans stroke his fur. He also squawks when he wants something or feels that his very important needs are not being met. Sometimes (oftentimes!) rather loudly. He certainly knows how to get attention and his points across when need be.

Finally, when evening comes, Carson is alert and ready for his dinner, mostly a tuna concoction that his human daddy has to mush up with some water to a consistency that he finds acceptable. And of course some treats! Afterward, he indulges in some more playtime or maybe looking out the front door as evening approaches before settling down for the night. He curls up on his favorite spot, usually next to his human momma on the ottoman and as his eyes slowly close, he knows that tomorrow will bring a new adventure. Carson’s day in the life is full of simple pleasures, routines, and a lot of love. As his human family looks on affectionately, they know that even though Carson does not speak (at least not in English), his quirky habits and charming personality bring them joy and happiness every day.