When the Swans Come You Know Spring is Here

It’s that time of year again! The Boston Swan Boats season starts up on Saturday. I remember when I took LD on the swan boats some years back, her first time, and I can still remember the look of joy and happiness on her face. It was her first time even though she had been here for a number of years and literally worked just across the street from the park. As for me, I can remember my mom taking my sister and I a bunch of times when we were little,. It’s funny, it seemed so much bigger back then, maybe because I was smaller? Anyways, it’s iconic and fun and I need to get us down there sometime to experience it again.

So late in the afternoon today after all my work stuff was done I decided to pull out the grill and bring out the patio umbrella as the temps here hit the 80 degree mark for the first time this year, and much earlier than usual, so we have to soak it up, right? I also want to get my sister and mom out here to have a BBQ soon and enjoy the firepit and whatnot. So I’m preparing for that eventuality.

As for my hyperextended thumb, I keep stupidly absentmindedly keep stretching it by reaching for things and whatnot. So annoying. And of course every time I do it, it sort of reinjured it again and I have to start over.