Is It Going to be One of those Days?

You ever get your day going and you just seem to think it’s going to be one of those days were everything just seems to be a little off kilter? That’s what I’m feeling today.

I woke up a little late this morning and when I went to get the clothes out of the dryer this morning I noticed that the drum had been running all night and none of the controls would work. I’d encountered this problem before so after morning shift I went to work, removing the control panel and getting into the guts of the controller. There’s a relay that on occasion will get stuck in there so it just needs to be shaken loose a bit essentially. I then reassembled the control board and put everything back together. Once I did that the dryer was back to working normally. It’s apparently a common Samsung dryer problem.

Another pain in the butt thing that was going on this morning is that they decided to close our street and continue to do more underground utility work, thereby closing off most of the street. Uhmm, a little heads up would have been helpful. Plus, didn’t they finish this area a couple of months ago? Why the hell are they back here again tearing stuff up? It’s super annoying – especially all the rerouting you have to go through to get to anywhere.

Some kids passing by yesterday said hello to me and one mentioned that I was so kind. Not sure where that came from but it made my day nonetheless. Also attended a wake in Medford yesterday morning, just a quick pop in and out to pay respects, for a pal of LD’s. I made a nice risotto last night too as well for dinner. But why am I talking about yesterday?