Doing All the Little Things

Did a lot of things in the past few days. I think a little girl will be very thrilled that all with the gifts that were collected for her that I dropped off yesterday. I was quite preoccupied today getting things done, including buying a new hat and gloves because I seemed to have misplaced one of them, which was really annoying because I really enjoyed that set. Also getting some prescriptions filled, discovering a new brand of gourmet popcorn that LD enjoys, adding more solar-powered Christmas trees to the front lawn, purchasing some gift cards and stopping by the deli for lunch. All this along with the usual daily activities. I also finally got all the holiday cards placed into their respective envelopes and addressed them all, and there are quite a few. I mailed out about half of them today, the rest will most likely be in the mail tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my knee has started to bother me again, to the point where I may need to start wearing my brace again. It had been so good for quite some time. I’m wondering if the weather has anything to do with how it’s been feeling, even though I’ve been using it quite a bit during the last few weeks.