What Should Be Simple Becomes a Sisyphean Task

LD in tech support hell

The cable set-top box failed yesterday, and it was a nightmare attempting to contact support with all of the automated prompts and live chat operators. It was difficult just to get someone to simply replace the box. What should have taken a few minutes if you could reach a human on the phone took more than two hours on the computer. Poor LD dealing with all that stuff, she has the patience of a saint but even this was getting to her, naturally so.

The box just keeps rebooting itself; I believe the hard disk within it ultimately failed, as it was quite old. It had started acting a bit wonky earlier in the day. Anyway, a guy will be out in about ten days to perform whatever they need to. In the interim, luckily, we can still use all of the TV applications and things; it’s just the cable that’s unavailable for now. Seriously thinking of ditching that whole thing but they don’t make it easy, plus it’s not as cost effective as it used to be to cut the cord and get all the stuff you want.

Anyways, after that cluster, LD had a now much-needed accupuncture appointment and I decided to tag along and hang out at a nearby park and waited and read while she was having the treatment. After a couple of hours there we came back and I fired up the grill to use up some chicken that had to be used in the next day or so or it would go bad. I ended up grilling some marinated chicken late last night. LD said it came out good, so there’s that!