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Figured I’d try to give my favorite puffin photo I ever took some more exposure. Would make a great gift for a puffin bird lover – just saying. Support local creators!

I finally got around to digging out the tubers from the garden and bagged them into storage for planting next year. Got to make the most of the weather this week. I even decided to plant some garlic bulbs to go along with the onions I planted last time. We also hung some more icicle lights inside the house – they do provide a nice warm glow to the rooms that they’re hanging in.

Finished watching the 10 weeks of Impeachment: An American Crime Story. I thought it was really well done. The actress who played Coulter was uncanny – like, exact. And yeah, Tripp was one crazy lady. I also finally finished reading about Dewey. It ended up being pretty good after all. I haven’t really read all that much this year – nothing really has caught my eye too much or made me interested enough sadly.

Frosty Mornings

Frost on the ground

Looking down at the ground toward my feet this chilly morning I saw a patch of grass with leaves and frost on it and for some reason I thought it might make for an interesting photo at least, so here are the results of that endeavor. Almost looks like sage in the grass but it couldn’t be that, but does make the photo more compelling I feel. What do you all think about it? Am I out of my mind on this?

Castle Hill Diaries

Castle Hill Inn

Oh boy was it a chilly one this morning. Shock to the system! But I find that if you bundle yourself up properly, it actually isn’t so bad. The photo above is one I took while visiting and staying at the building in the photo in Newport RI. Interesting side note is that the actress Grace Kelly stayed here while filming High Society in the 1950s; the rocky cove she cherished visiting is now named after her. Renowned novelist Thornton Wilder was also a frequent visitor and describes the turret suite as a “magical room” in the autobiographical novel, Theophilus North. I didn’t stay in the turret room (at least not as of yet) but the library suite that I did stay in was really nice. You really can’t go wrong with any of the rooms. I like this location due to it’s rocky shores – makes for great photos I would say.

Beach Waves 4 Days

Beach waves (our happy place)

I ended up finally removing the door screens and replacing them with the glass panes this afternoon. Ah, another sign of the changing seasons. Bummer. I don’t like the cold weather, but that’s New England for you. Instead I would rather relive this scene I captured on Sunday when it was unseasonably warm. I also went ahead and removed the outside hoses and shut off their respective water valves. As it turned out we didn’t really need to water things much this year as we basically got too much rain over the last few months.

Halloween Day Beach Trip

Beach Outing

Yesterday afternoon we headed out for another beach trip since the weather was so nice, especially after 5 consecutive days of no sun and one of the days producing a nor’easter which produced a lot of wind damage around the area. We took a walk along the shore and came into this rocky outcrop where a bunch of birds like to have lunch apparently as I saw many gulls eating clams and crabs and we saw this little birds scurrying about. I originally thought they were piping plovers because they were white and pretty tiny, but after looking them up in my bird book, it appears they were just little sanderlings. Still pretty cute though!

Lunch time for the birds!

In the early evening we set up shop in front of the house with candles, the candy we had all placed in goodie bags the day before and a skull on the table while we sat in chairs behind. LD dressed up as a witch and me as a, well, I’m not sure what I was but I did have a boa. There were a bunch of kids, the high point being between 5 and 7 pm. At close to 7 it started to rain with a think may have cut things short a little early but I think it was all pretty much over by then anyway, so it worked out pretty well. A kid who got some candy recognized me from my time being out and about in the neighborhood and gave me some props, which was nice.

This morning LD had an appointment at Faulkner so I tagged along for the hour or so. Afterwards we headed to JP and got some breakfast an Ula café. We hadn’t been there in quite a while. Got it to go and had a nice breakfast! In the late afternoon I decided to mow the lawns – not so much to cut the grass because that wasn’t really necessary but more to suck up and mulch a bunch of the fallen leaves. Fall clean up season is starting up. Finally I used up the last of the propane in the gas grill to cook up some steak tips and marinated chicken for dinner. Stuff we had to use up before it goes bad and all.

Spooky Vibes

Old Graveyard

In the quiet space below, is laid out an aisle similar to those in any library. The gravestones like rows of books bearing the names of those whose names have been blotted from the pages of life; who have been forgotten elsewhere but are remembered here.

A Dream That Had Tears Streaming Down My Face

Mum show! Our mums are popping with color at the moment!

Met a new dog on shift today. Her name was Lucy and she is just 4 months old but wants to become a therapy dog when she gets older. You wouldn’t believe the number of times people will walk up to me and just start talking, but it’s cool. I get to meet all these local people and I get to be more social. There’s also this younger woman that comes by and always tries to joke with me (and I’m thinking in my head, uhmmm, okay….)

I had a weird dream last night where I saw my grandparents. I rarely seem to have dreams about them. Anyways in this dream I’m with my grandmother in the house I grew up in and were just hanging out and heading into another room. My grandfather is in the other room, with no shirt on, old, and looking like he was going to hit my grandmother with a stick or something. But he stops himself in time. He looks like I remember him toward the end of his life. He appears to be a little demented which I think he was becoming toward the end of his life. I step into the room and he looks like he’s going to hit me with the stick but in an instant there seems to be some recognition of me as his eyes widen, smiles, and appears to come out of the demented state. Then he falls backwards flat on his back and whacks his head solidly on the floor and looks knocked out. I ask my grandmother if we should do something but she says no, it happens all the time and he’ll be fine, seemingly not really caring in the least. He then gets up like nothing happens and heads over to a table that somehow appeared in the room. I look at him, bare-chested and all and tell him that I am worried about him. He tells me he’s ok and there’s nothing to worry about. I must have placed my eyes downward for a second because when I looked back up at him he was young, like when he was in his early twenties that I had seen in old photographs. I tell him again I’m worried about him but he just smiles, and says everything’s ok and then he starts wise cracking, like I imagine he did when he was that age. I then woke up out of the dream with some tears rolling down my face. What this dream could mean I have no idea, but I felt it was worthy of writing down because it was weird, it was of my grandparents, and it made me feel something. So I want to remember it.

Might add more to this post later tonight.. check back ..

Wind Blown

It was crazy windy out there today. Lots of power outages around but we luckily seemed to be unscathed. Out on shift early this morning I could see other workers trying to fix things and get life back to normal. I didn’t notice until later that actually the house across the street had an uprooted tree leaning against it. The afternoon was a lot less windy but more rainy witch made my day somewhat miserable to out in the elements but you have to take the good with the bad, right?

Tree uprooted against next door house

It was kind of scary listening to the wind howl last night while I was lying in bed in the wee hours of the morning. Some of the plant stands outside had tipped over and the cover to the firepit was blown off, but otherwise everything else looked to be fine, seeing as I had made preparations to lock things down.

Pencil Envy?

Not to brag, but I do have a pretty BIG pencil.

All my stuff arrived today, the grill cover, the patio cover, my new headset, my gloves. We put the covers on their respective devices since it looks like rain for the next few days. We also got caught up on some gardening chores, like weeding and mulching and planting some more bulbs before the rains come. We also lopped some errant rose bush leaves that had been extending out into the driveway. LD also got a flu shot this afternoon. Also I was pretty proud of myself tonight with the dinner I concocted: Roasted chicken with a rosemary gravy long with sides of roasted broccoli, mashed potatoes, and a cranberry and apple chutney.

What do you think about my big pencil? It’s quite the handful, believe you me.

Getting the Hang of Things


One neat thing I did around the house yesterday afternoon was to hang a thing to put our keys on by the door. It had these indentations on the back on where you would put the screws in the wall. I learned a new trick how to hang things like this. You get a piece of tape and stick it to the back of what you want to hang and mark on the tape the locations of where the screwheads or whatever would go and mark them on the tape. Then remove the tape from the object and stick it to the wall where you want to hang the item. Drill your holes where you placed the marks on the tape. Then remove the tape and hang your item. So much easier than having to measure out and keep trying to look behind the thing.

Summer Returns for a Day or Two

Summer returns for a day or two

Today chose to be in the 70s which was a welcome change compared to what I dealt with a bit yesterday. I went on a bit of a spending spree today buying some needed things: a new cover for the grill, some gloves, and a new USB headset for my laptop since the ones I had been using since my corporate days finally bit the dust. I got one that also incorporates a 3.5mm jack so I can use it with other devices as well, so I’m looking forward to that being delivered.

Out on the afternoon shift today a woman came up to me and gifted me some lotion. I had been bringing in her barrels on trash day since she lets me use her driveway and she just wanted to meet and thank me for doing that. That was nice – actually most people that I’ve dealt with have been quite friendly to me. I am out there dealing with the public all the time now so it’s different than what I had been used to, but overall, I like the folks. Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting more and more comfortable with that.

I felt like posting a new photo today so I chose this sunset from Orleans down on the Cape to for the weather we had today.

Gametime: Apples Contain a Lot of Iron. Another puzzle game right up my alley. Seem to be stuck on level 17 at the moment.

Autumn Feels

I can feel autumn in the air this morning.
Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.
- Emily Brontë

This morning was the first morning in a while that it really started to feel like autumn, being cool and all.

Castles in the Sun

Castle Hill, Newport, RI

The patio heater works! I got the tank filled and attached it to the device and lit the ignition with fingers crossed. Booted up right on the first try and I could immediately feel the heat radiating out of the device. Probably should buy a cover for it though to help protect it from some of the elements. Speaking of covers, we should probably buy a new one for the grill as well. The cover on there is over 11 years old and has served us admirably but it has a rip in the back that is just getting bigger and bigger over time. Time for an update for sure.

LD had me run over to the garden lady in town (the one we got a bunch of other bulbs from before). She had a bunch of lily bulbs she wanted to get rid of. We’ll plant them and hopefully get lots of lilies next season to look at! We just need to figure out where to actually place them. Might be a job for the weekend.

The photo is a throwback with a little updating by yours truly of when we stayed at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI. This photo was from my first visit there. Still remains one of my favorites to visit and enjoy. Maybe another visit will be in the not too distant future?

Love from Lavalette

Sky Above, Sand Below, Peace within. Lavalette, NJ Oct. 2021

Spent the long weekend in Lavalette, NJ in a very cute beach house only steps from the ocean, so that was pretty amazing. The weather was a little rainy off and on, but mostly off, just windy and cloudy. It made for some pretty spectacular waves. I don’t know if the waves are like that there all the time, but like I said, it was pretty wild to watch the height and power of them. Another thing I like about Lavalette is that everything is right there. The main boulevard is right there and there’s lots of options, which is why Lavalette has quickly become my 2nd favorite place in Jersey now (Cape May being Number 1). The weekend didn’t go entirely as was planned but we made the best of it and we really enjoyed ourselves. I would definitely stay there again. (You can see some of the sights on my Insta stories before they disappear).

While I was there I also was able to pick up a new book to read from a little library that was located at a local coffeehouse that we checked out. The place was Lava Java, and the book is Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Changed the World. We’ll see how the book is but the coffee place was pretty good. We also frequented a place called Lenny’s for take out dinners. Have to say their pasta dinners were really good. So plugs out to those places – check them out if you’re ever down there. Also got to watch some Netflix while we were there in the evenings, a thing on Britney, some killer documentaries, and something about LSD and the stories from celebrities who’ve done it from time to time.

The artist at work.

Meanwhile back at the home front I need to start assembling that patio heater this week, and fill up the propane for the outside grill.

Tasks Up to Beat the Sun

Make it a good day!

Today was a good day to get caught up on a bunch of little things, Like going to Home Depot to pick up some dirt, manure, and mulch to get ready for the next season’s garden activities. Also shopped around for some mums and pumpkins at various other places to make the place blend in for fall. We need to dig out the tubers, move some random spruce trees that planted themselves a few years back to other areas, and some various other transplant tasks. Also getting ready for a short road trip soon as well.

I had some of my own tasks to complete, such as finally pulling the AC out of the window, checking the level of propane in the grill (grilling chicken out there tonight as a matter of fact). I finally got around to trying to make some hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot. It was really easy – just stack 6 of them on a rack in there with a cup of water and set it to manual for 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes is up, release the pressure and let it set for another 5 minutes. When that’s down just carefully take them out and put them in a cold water bath for the last five minutes. I did all this and ate two and have to say, it’s the way to go. Easy peasy lemonade squeezy.

The next door neighbors are having some kid party/Patriots thing going on. So annoying! Can I just say I don’t care about the Pats or Brady? Didn’t care anytime before, still don’t care today.

LD got a patio heater that’s due to arrive midweek. I can’t wait to get a look and this thing and start using it as the nights get colder. Might be able to extend our outdoor gatherings a bit longer which would be nice.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning after my 1st shift to go over our emp numbers. Since I just started I don’t think my number is going to mean all that much. I’m also not really sure what a lower number entitles you to, but I’m going to find out.

No More Shutdown Worries for Me

Autumn things.

I heard another government shutdown may be looming. I’m so glad I don’t really need to care about that anymore, My previous job did much work for the government but when it shuts down most projects are put on hold and then it would be a stressful scramble to try to find work. And unlike the true government workers who get paid for while they were away for however long when they get back, we did not. It would be on another project, if you could find one, or overhead which would be a big nono because the place nickel and dimed everybody so much. Anyways, it’s just nice to not have to worry anymore about crap like that.

My long sleeve jacket came back from the tailors today and it looks super spiffy with its new accoutrements. In a couple of weeks I’ll need to go back and drop off the short sleeve for the same treatment.

Have you heard of these things called kiwi berries? I just tried some and I really like them. They are like tiny little kiwis but you eat them just as is, peel and all. And they taste really good. I had no idea this thing existed.

Heart Rock Love

Heart Shaped Beach Rocks Find.

Nothing too special happened today. I had to go down to HQ to get some more paperwork just detailing their IT stuff. Now I have another email address – great. I don’t think I’ll ever use it though. Gmail works just fine for me. I also needed to reschedule my windshield repair. They hadn’t got the deets from the insurance company yet so I figured I’d give it a couple of more days and set it for Friday morning, Still plan on going to the tailors tomorrow though for my pickup. We also went to the pharmacy this afternoon because LD needed something.

We’re trying out a new meal delivery service this week. New cards and all. This particular one seems a little more upscale and with some better ingredients. We’ll see how I do trying to prepare the first one tonight, although generally, these things aren’t too hard to put together.

I still have the rock in the picture above. It’s sitting right on the windowsill next to where I have my laptop. For the longest time I could never find heart shaped rocks on the beach it seemed, but when I saw this, it was amazing and I was thrilled.

Monday Motif

Motif No. 1

Today I started my shift solo – finally out of training and in the field all by myself. It’ll be this way from now on. What a journey it’s been so far, with all the various hoops to go through – I finally made it.

I set up an appointment this morning to have the car windshield guys come down to repair the crack that appeared last week. Figured I might as well get it done, the sooner the better, before it gets any worse. They had one appointment each day if I wanted them to swing by but with my schedule it didn’t seem ideal so I set it up that I’ll go down to their place on Wednesday and just wait down there while they work on it. I’ll be in the area anyways to pick up some things from the tailor that’s nearby.

Return to Rexhame

The scene this afternoon at Rexhame.

The calming movement of the sea along with the restless ocean breeze gently caresses me creating a soothing trance which lulls me to a place of peace.

Spent another beautiful afternoon out at Rexhame again. So peaceful today and relaxing. We also like watching the dogs play in the water that people bring along.


So far the week’s been going good. Getting the hang of it all. Still under observation this week but I took the helm midweek because I wanted to. Next week I start all by my lonesome.

Looking to have to get a new kitchen faucet installed. We noticed it leaking over the last few days.

Relaxing in the Peaceful Dunes

A cormorant crosses in front of a tugboat in Marshfield.

Tomorrow’s my big first day, wish me luck. What else? Not too much going on, just having some chill time around the firepit, watching tv, etc. I do need to make another appointment for a windshield repair. Darn thing had a pebble hit it while I was travelling down Route 1. This is the 2nd time now, last time being May 2020. I think this one can just be repaired though, as opposed to last time when I needed the whole thing replaced.

We went to Rexhame beach again this afternoon. The waves were killer. We didn’t go in the water of course, just sat in our chairs after a little hike around the river marsh in back. We found a nice secluded area above the river up a dune that was really peaceful and hung out there for a while. On the way back we got some open faced turkey sandwiches from a turkey farm place that’s on the way. We were going to eat them at home but ended up eating them on one of the picnic tables they had set up outside. It was really good too.

A Quick Look Inside

Morning coffee with a view

Feelings That I Love:

Seeing the sun rise in the morning
Making someone laugh
Listening to a snappy song
Being recognized for a job well done
Being counted on to come through, and succeeding
Getting personal emails
Getting lost in the amazement of this universe we inhabit
Getting the chill up my spine from a dramatic or surprising scene of a movie
Hugging a soft warm body
Growing Up

Feelings That I Hate:

A song that ends too soon
Feeling Pressured
Feeling Stressed Out
Being Frustrated
Biting Winds nipping at my face
Saying Good-Byes
Growing Up