Proposal Writing

I haven’t had much time to update the blog because I’ve been involved in helping to write a proposal for a project we’d like to win that’s up for a recompete. Meetings and rewrites and trying to reword sentences that don’t sound like you just copied it out of the RFP, all while keeping things within a certain page count and making sure you hit all the points and how you’ll do the task. Thank God I’m not involved in the pricing and all that other stuff – just the technical details for me. I’m finding it rather difficult because I’m discovering that that kind of writing doesn’t appear to be in my wheelhouse. Still it was one of my goals for the year, mostly because I had to put something down that was different from the last few years. It’s good to grow a bit though. More importantly, is that I hope we win this project because it means a lot to me, and would really help me along moving forward. Cross your fingers for me!