Carillon Fourth

The contraption that rings the bells up above

For a about a half and hour I took a trip over to the town hall that has a carillon in it’s tower and they were giving a tour of the machine. I’d actually seen it before in 2015 but I wanted to check it out again. Basically you go up an elevator to the 3rd floor, and then climb this iron staircase that winds around the tower until you get to the very top, and that’s where this instrument is. It’s historic and you can read more about it here as they do a better job describing it than I could.

Even though it was over 90 degrees today and the tower is not air conditioned or anything, it didn’t feel too stifling in there today. The instrument is pretty physical to work with, as the musicians basically appear to have to pound down on the rods and stomp their feet on the pedals to ring the larger bells. I glanced over at the sheet music they were playing and these compositions had a lot of notes so the playing is pretty demanding.

For supper tonight I ended up grilling some Angus burgers, chicken andGrill day corn. Came out really good – I hope I can replicate how good the burgers came out for next time. We also went to JC Penny earlier in the day to get some ideas for bedroom blinds. I realized I had never been inside a JC Penny in my entire life until today.