10 Reasons

That Girl, you know the one:

  1. The one that makes you better, makes your friends jealous and your parents scared.
  2. That knows who she is, who she was, but hasn’t planned out who she’ll become.
  3. That challenges you, tests you, competes with you, all while standing by your side.
  4. That can cheer you up with only a phone call or a smile, and that’s intriguing but never impossible to figure out.
  5. That knows what she likes, but is still learning what she loves.
  6. That isn’t afraid of commitment, but holds onto her individuality.
  7. That doesn’t feel she has to say she loves you, only prove it.
  8. Whose sense of adventure is never lost, even if its just during a trip to the grocery store.
  9. That sees a little humor in everything, and points it out even when it isn’t PC.
  10. That just fits and you know feels right without even trying.

You know, that Girl.

I’m glad I finally found her.