First Snow

First snow of the season! Brrrr!

After waking up early and shoveling out over at Earth-1, I decided to head into the office. I was kind of expecting the snowfall to be worse but I didn’t think it was all that bad. I actually have some stuff I could get done so maybe things are looking up a little bit. My plan was to go in around 10 but I actually ended up finishing up earlier than I though and got in around 9. Keep sending me the light, people!

I never really liked winter. I hate snow now. Back when I was little, maybe it was fun to play in it. Maybe. But nowadays, forget it. Between shoveling, scraping, slipping on ice, getting frozen, taking longer to do anything.. real f’in pain. Do any of you like winter? I mean, it’s scenic when it first falls and all. I’m done with it now though. And it’s only just begun!