Pumpkin Treat

The other day we decided to put the pumpkins that Squibbs had starting boring into out in the back yard. This morning this is what we saw!

Later on went to the Xmas Tree store and got some red bows and then ties them to the lighted reindeers out front. Really brings them out more I think – looks pretty good. Unfortunately I had forgotten that the Patriots were playing at home today so getting through Patriot Place was a bit of a nightmare. After that spent a little bit of time at the Sanctuary – it was really quiet but did get to hang with a few animals for a while.

I’m sweating right now helping out the cooking of salmon, tofu, chicken soup, and chili. Yes, four different dishes so we’ll be all set for the week.

I bought a tiny Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Ellwoodii‘ (Lawson Cypress). Basically a little tiny Christmas-like tree in a pot. Says you can plant it outside at some point as it can grow to 20′ tall and 8’ wide. But right now he’s just a little tiny guy living on the windowsill.