Merry Xmas All

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Merry Xmas all!

Had a wonderful Xmas eve and Xmas day hang out with my sister being over. Think she had a fun time too. We had an eggplant ricotta bake on Xmas eve, and then for Xmas day we made some ham, cauliflower au gratin, and a bunch of other fixings.

We created a festive milk chocolate Christmas tree kit using a kit with icing for the tinsel that you stuck the ornaments to – came out pretty good! Ended the night playing some Scattergories and watching A Christmas Story (again).

Christmas day we ate, played some air hockey, and chatted about lots of stuff. After driving her home we visited my mom and hung there for a little bit also visiting Laurel and Hardy (my mom’s crazy cats).

Returning back, we opened our gifts, and Carson played with all his new gifts too. I hope this was his best Christmas yet. He especially likes his little mouse string toy. We’ve been trying to get a good picture of him for a possible upcoming holiday card to send out. He’s so fast and active though!

I got some cool stuff too – clothes I could use and some fun stuff that I wanted – three books to read that was on my Goodreads list (The Power Broker, Highway of Tears and The Big Nine) as well a new Fitbit Versa 2! Thanks Santa!

May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the gladness of Christmas which is Hope, and the heart of Christmas which is Love!