Finding Gratitude

Looking out the window sipping coffee in Rockport out towards rocky shoreline.
Looking out the window sipping coffee in Rockport

Gratitude. Today I’m going to spend a few moments thinking about all the times and things I’ve had and have, the big and the small, and how thankful I am for them and sitting with those feelings they evoke and how they make me feel.

The story behind the photo: This was actually taken a couple of years ago on a overnight stay getaway. I particularly wanted to stay at this location for the window and it’s proximity to the rocky shoreline. We got to sipping tea and coffee while just looking out at the beautiful scenery. It’s one of my special memories.

Going out for a drive, and this evening going to try out some live online stream yoga thing with a practitioner that we know. Will update with findings from both! The drive was to Marshfield where we did a quick walk along the shore and the yoga thing did work but was weird.