Moody Cobblestone Streets

Moody Boston cobblestone lined street.
Moody Boston cobblestone lined street.

Has every day started bleeding into one another yet for everyone? Sometimes I find it a little hard to remember what day it is. And then you’ll think the day has gone slow but then you look at the clock at it’s after 6 PM already – maybe it’s just me though. Strange times indeed. In fact, we’re not sure if the cat wants us home all the time now. I know he likes the company but unsure if he wants it all day long every day. I did go to the grocery store yesterday and got a bunch of items – I generally go when it isn’t too busy, and being smart about staying away as best I can from contaminants. Most of the items you can get now except for maybe bread and paper or cleaning products.

It snowed yesterday and at one point it was really coming down, but you’d never know that now as it’s in the 50s and sunny so it’s all gone. Maybe that’s what’ll happen with all this craziness going on now. We can only hope!

The story behind the photo: Not much to explain about this one, I just happened to be walking around Boston one Friday afternoon during the summer (notice the trees have green leaves) and decided to check out Acorn Street – the most photographed street in Boston. This one was just sitting on my hard drive, I decided to pull it up and adjust some of the tonal contrasts to make it look a bit moody. In hindsight, it would have been better to be down here later in the day, like maybe around dusk to get better lighting but I wasn’t hanging around that long. I’m not really totally pleased with how this one turned out but I figured I’d show it off anyway.

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