Let Our Light Shine

Scituate Light, Social Distancing Edition.

Lighthouses are endlessly suggestive signifiers of both human isolation and our ultimate connectedness to each other.     

Virginia Woolf

The story behind the photo: One day we went to the Light and I walked all the way out along the rock break wall, which actually goes out quite a ways, turned around, and took the shot. I thought the texture of the rocks along with the clouds in the sky would provide some nice features to look at with the focal point being the lighthouse itself. There really were a bunch of folks there that day so I’m not sure how I got the shot with nobody else in it, but in these days of social distancing I thought it apropos to bring out now again and touch it up a bit. Thinking up metaphors it could be the light at the end of the tunnel, navigating the deadly rocks to get there. I have thing for lighthouses, if you haven’t noticed.

Updated: Ok, so today spent some time trimming some rose bushes and hydrangeas out front that have become pretty crazy looking, doing a little working with nature and cleaning up the look – maybe try to tame it all back a little, hopefully not damaging anything in the process. Maybe I could have done more, but it’s s a start.

Also, I find it so weird watching newscasters and tv hosts not being together, further strengthening my belief that something has gone wrong with the current timeline that put us in this reality.