Hope Springs

Spring pops in the Boston Public Garden

“The deep roots never doubt that spring will come.”

One thing during the down times I like to do is puzzles, but I’ve exhausted my puzzle book supply. There’s some on order but they haven’t arrived yet, but LD was kind enough to create her own crossword for me to solve! She’s the best! Ordered a bunch of mulch coming on Wednesday so hopefully the weather will be good so I can go put that stuff down. I handed in my HR paperwork today sealing the deal on the previous chapter of my career and emailed my goodbye letter to the colleagues I enjoyed working with over the years. Bitter sweet but looking forward to new opportunities. It’ll take a while, plus all the summer concerts I was going to see this year have pretty much been cancelled so this is really going to a long haul, but it’s what has to be done. I do feel people are starting to go nuts being inside a lot so I don’t see how that’s going to happen with the warmer summer months approaching.

The story behind the photo: This one is actually a coupe of years old but makes sense in this time because it looks so empty yet springlike. I had been invited down to see some therapy dogs in town and before arriving there I strolled through the Public Garden and this shot just looked like it could be good, I especially liked the overhanging tree.

Meanwhile, Carson looking all sexy – this cat is a trip.

More later….