Thanks NECN

This photo is from some of the gardening that we did the other day. I put together the planter (it has much more in it now then when this pic was taken) and LD planted and arranged it. NECN has really been liking my stuff as of late! Remember you can always get some of these on your wall from my shop if you really like any of them. I would much appreciate it!

Actually after taking a mini survey it’s quite an impressive collection we have to get started. Besides the petunias there are marigolds, lettuce and squash varieties, peas, ageratum, various dahlia species, verbana, rosemary, lavender, basil, eggplant, chives, snapdragons, cucumber, various tomato species, bell pepper, kale, salvia, zinnias, cat grass, bee balm, columbines, butterfly bushes, roses, hydrangeas, foxglove, clematis, azaleas, creeping buttercups, violets and various lily plants all starting to either starting to or already blossoming. There’s a few more as well but I forget their names. A good start though!