Walking on Seashells

Fairhaven, MA

Someday I will pick up shells of every color, and probably even rob the sea of its wonder. Yet I won’t find a single piece that’d resemble the broken pieces I gathered years ago thinking those grains of sand were whole.

Had a really nice day yesterday – was good to be out on a deck facing the bay and just lapping up the sun and the ocean wind. Felt blessed to be able to have a chance to experience that. I did develop a little bit on sunburn on my arms however it’s not too bad – been a while since the sun had gotten me like that. Was also able to get some firewood while there for the fire pit which I definitely want to start using more and more. Also was given a lupine to plant and grow out front – she has amazing lupines, apparently they seem to like the salt air, but hopefully it’ll do okay here. It looked a bit wilted when I got it back home but I planted it and gave it a big drink so hopefully the little guy will bounce back. Everything else meanwhile is starting to do pretty well, so our green thumbs are actually somewhat green!