Airplanes Soar Overhead While We Splash in the Surf

A shot of Revere Beach with the sand and water in the foreground and an airplane flying overhead into the clouds.
Can you spot LD and Diane?

Spent the afternoon at Revere Beach today and met one of LD’s colleague/friend Diane. Went down toward one of the ends and it wasn’t all that busy at all. It was really quite enjoyable. Maybe it’s me, and I don’t think you would think this either, but having airplanes fly over your head and you play and splash in the water is actually pretty damn cool!

In the evening I grilled up some chicken and more shrimp and some zucchini that we had growing. Doing a ton load of grilling this summer. We’ve been getting boxes from Imperfect Foods, which is basically just overstock or possibly some food that doesn’t look perfect but I got to be honest – I can’t tell the difference and most of the stuff looks and tastes fine, pretty good actually. The veggies are huge too.