Hawk Says Hello! A Different Kind of Chair Arrives

Scituate Light bathed in sunset.
Scituate Light bathed in sunset.

We actually had a hawk land on the back deck railing this morning! What a sight that was!

I unpacked my new beach/camping chair this afternoon and it wasn’t what I expected. It’s not the chair I ordered, however after trying it out and looking at it and it’s quality I’ve decided to keep it. Strangely the chair they sent me was actually more expensive than the one I had ordered. The only real difference is it doesn’t have the cooler and it appears to be of a really good build quality, so I’ll take it. Comes in a really nice carrying bag too.

NECN did a section on the news broadcast highlighting one of my photos (where the anchor actually called it beautiful). It was the scene from the Boston seaport with the gull lapping up some water from a puddle in the foreground. It’s always cool to see them highlight my stuff like that.

This afternoon’s movie watch was something a little different as it was animated, plus only I really watched it. Batman: The Killing Joke based off the graphic novel from the 1980s of the same name. Not as good as the book (but how could it be? Nothing could beat Bolland’s artwork from the original, plus they seem to have added some stuff for the whole first half the movie which really didn’t have anything to do with the original source material).

Today is 9-11. Never forget.