Following the Path to the Sea

Hiking the sand dunes in Marshfield
Hiking the sand dunes in Marshfield

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are sandy.

We took a ride out to Marshfield this afternoon for some beach time. It was a wonderful day. We hiked about 2 miles along the shore and out back along the sandy dunes to the estuary. We picked up some rocks along the way, just because they looked really cool. I picked up one that to me had a pattern that reminded me of a map of a city and I also found a heart shaped rock. After all that we got our beach chairs and brought them down to the water’s edge, the waves crashing in front of us while the sea breezes blew. It was very relaxing. All in all we must have been there for about three or so hours. It was also the first outing of the new beach chair and I’m satisfied with it.

The sea air always knocks me out. I suspect we’ll be crashing earlier tonight than usual.

Came home and chilled for a bit before making a shepard’s pie for dinner. Watched 60 minutes. Just going to glide now the rest of the way.

My computer keeps wanting to run updates since this morning it finally updated itself to Windows 10 2004 which was the huge update that came out last May. To be honest most of the new features are things I would never use anyway.