The Down Low for Today

Acorn Street Boston up close
Down Low

I’ve posted this image before, but I still like it, a low shot of the cobble stones on Acorn Street in Boston. Had to get pretty low to the ground to capture this angle. I like the little details though.

Went to the gas station early this morning to put air into my tires. I was starting to get annoyed that the low psi light would stay on. Come to find out, all 4 tires needed air and I was able to get all four filled just in time, as the last tire to reach the proper pressure made it just as time had run out, so I didn’t have to put in any more money.

Watched this really interesting show on Frontline last night comparing the backgrounds of Trump and Biden, where they come from, experiences, how they handled them, what their playbooks have been, etc. Talk about two people who couldn’t be more different. Catch it if you can, I learned some stuff about both of them.

I’m getting to the point where I really need to upgrade my phone, I’m still rocking the Samsung S5. The best bet would probably be to splurge for the S20 but that’s a lot of money. Still mulling the options, but I’m going to need to upgrade soon.