Can We Get Credit Where Credit is Due Please?

An image depicting ocean waves and views.
Take me back! Ocean waves and views.

Little annoyed this morning that when I went to look in the weekly town newspaper there was an article about the town calendar. The annoying part was they listed the winner of the cover (I came in third so it wasn’t me) but they used the picture I TOOK and credited to that person. Now granted hers and mine were quite similar but mine was better and showed a greater panoramic view of the scene, but I’m biased. I thought about writing the editor to correct it but of course this particular week didn’t have that column so I don’t know where to write. Ah, it’s probably not worth it anyway since it doesn’t have a great distribution, and who really cares?

After writing the above paragraph to y’all, I did some digging, and was able to email the journalist of the article, asking for corrections and proper attribution. Whether they correct it not time will tell but there it is. BTW, if any of you want to purchase this calendar I can get you the details. Just contact me and I’ll let you know. Update: Heard back and a correction is coming!

Last night’s movie watch was The King of Staten Island, mostly because LD really, really needed a distraction. Although I felt it was really weird at the start it got better as it went along. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I did record something off the Lifetime channel after seeing that Killer Prom movie. Admittedly just because of it’s title – From Straight A’s to XXX – a college student endures cyberbullying and even death threats when it is revealed that she has chosen to become a porn star under a pseudonym to pay off her sizable tuition expenses, based on a true story! (Aren’t they all?) Now doesn’t that sound appealing!? Needless to say, it’s still on the DVR unwatched as of yet. Maybe tonight? It also has  Judd Nelson in it from the Breakfast Club so that’s another reason why I thought about looking at it. Stay tuned for my review.