Waking up to a Tree Removal

We awoke to the sound of what seemed like giant trucks out in front of the house this morning. When I looked out the window I was astonished to see these 4 somewhat giant cranes out front and parking into the next door neighbor’s driveway. It appeared to be from a tree service but I couldn’t imagine what tree was so large as to need these giant cranes and construction vehicles.

A while later I found out.

It was to remove a tree but not like when we had our branches trimmed to the trees in our backyard. This guy would Spiderman into the tree and chainsaw into the trunk pretty far down, and then the crane would lift him and the giant piece of tree over the roofs of the houses nearby and down into the street where another guy would chainsaw it some more and then stick it into the shredder. I wouldn’t think this one tree would require such a massive operation but I suppose it does make that work go a lot faster. I wonder how one gets the knowledge to learn how to cut these trees like this – seems pretty dangerous at times. You have to know what you are doing for sure. Anyways they had to block the whole street for this operation as the giant limbs were laid down in the center of the road. Like I said, with all the equipment it did go pretty fast. Might be the most exciting thing to happen today. We’ll see…