Revere Photoshoot

Revere Beach

Went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon down at Revere Beach. It also ended up with me taking a impromptu photoshoot of one of LD’s friends as the lighting was superb as sunset was approaching (and LD too). I hope she likes them and they came out alright. I think they did. We collected a bunch of seashells. Just some more stuff to go with my beach collection of rocks.

I spent the late afternoon today burning some logs I had lying around so it was good to get rid of those, fallen branches from the trees that I hacked up after they fell out of the trees after a storm and also a big log we had from our friend down it Dartmouth that I had sitting around for a while. They all burned up within a couple of hours. We also put away some of the flowerpots with specimens that had already pretty much gone through their season. A little fall cleaning up since it was kind of warm today. Supposed to be colder tomorrow.